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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a little update...

In March, we got tired of the cold weather. Carter kept asking if it was warm enough to go camping yet. Because it was not, he decided to camp inside. He came up with the props all on his own. If you are tired of the weather and would like to camp inside too all you need is:
-Laundry basket, turned upside down
-folding chairs
and anything edible that can be skewed on the skewer like:
-chewy Chips Ahoy

Have Fun!!!

 A little about Carter: He is almost 4 years old!! His current obsession is dinosaurs. He likes to roar like a "sharptooth" and stomp around the house, eating Kya's treats off the kitchen floor that she drops during mealtime. He refers to himself as "the dinosaur" and asks me stuff like: "Mom, can "the dinosaur" have some ice cream?" Current movie obsession is Ice Age (the 3rd one)...go figure. He LOVES Kya, and she loves him back. He can get her to babble, smile, and laugh more than anyone else. Lately, he asks for chicken nuggets and cheddar cheese for breakfast, is controlling his emotions much better, and cracks me up with the funny things he says and does.

This past Sunday, as I dropped Carter off in the Primary room, he went to where his class sits and sat down. His new teachers came in and asked if that was where the Sunbeams sat. I said yes. then Carter replied, "Mom, I am not a sunbeam!" I asked him what he was then, and he said, "I'm a boy!" as if I didn't have a clue! So glad he can keep me in check!

Miss Anna is turning out to be quite the drama queen. She is also very good at being bossy, spelling and sounding out new words, mumbling and talkingveryfasttogetouteverythingsheneedstosaybeforesomeoneelsestartstalkingandsheforgets! Whew!

She has finally conquered her fear of her new bike and is riding almost like a pro. She loves to cut out creations with her scissors and glue them back onto paper. She is so proud she can jump off the monkey bars onto the trampoline and often tells me that Carter gets everything he wants!!! And then stomps off to her room in a fit of tears. To try and get what she wants, she will now pout and whimper making puppy dog eyes at me, holding her "paws" under her chin! I must confess, it works!

 Lil Kya loo loo is 6 1/2 months old and still not sleeping through the night! But...she goes to sleep by herself! Major success! She can go to bed around 8ish, and wakes up around 3-4 am, then goes back to bed until 6:30-7....not bad. She plays on the floor with her toys and will keep herself entertained for quite awhile. She hates being on her tummy, so is far from learning to crawl. She babbles all the time, gurgles her spit, recently said, "da da" and just figured out how to get her treats from her hand into her mouth!! She loves to shake, throw, and drop her toys, and grabs anything in reach! Bathtime is a favorite, as well as being carried all over the house by mom! She does not like strangers.

She also has a ridge down the middle of her forehead, where the two different plates in the forehead merged. When they fuse prematurely, it forms a ridge. It is called metopic synostosis. Kya has a very mild form, but the more severe cases need surgery. She had to have a CT scan so the doctor could make sure there were no other problems with the way her skull was forming, and to make sure there was no brain growth restrictions. Right now, we are just watching it. It could get worse, or it could stay the same. At some point in time, she will require cosmetic surgery to fix the ridge, if we choose. I happen to have an aunt who is a P.A. in Boise, and her boss specializes in surgeries specifically for kids with synostosis. They want to have a look at her scan, just to make sure everything looks ok. Hopefully radiology will give us a copy. We were pretty nervous about her scan, preparing for possible surgery. It would make me sick just thinking about my little babe having such major work done, so at this point, we are VERY grateful to not have to go through that!

My attempts to take a self portrait with the little bugaroo!!
I was struggling....mostly because she wanted the camera!!! She loves shiny stuff!! was quitting time....

Such a sweetie!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to kiss her cheeks and listen to her babble! I really do have the best kiddos, and though being a mom is hard work, exhausting, frustrating to say the least, I am grateful Heavenly Father sent me the ones He did.

They are smart, spunky, sassy, stubborn, goofy, grumpy.... right in!!!