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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My year with a Two year old...

1. Two year olds have saying "No" down to an art!

2. Anything that I suggest that Anna should do, she will not do it! Instead, I have to remain impartial and act like I don't care one way or another! Example: I say in the morning, "Here's your clothes, Anna, if you want to put them on....or just wear your jammies all day...whatever!

3. When we want Anna to do something by herself, she refuses she cannot (like going potty). But when the subject is the last on our minds, we will randomly hear the toilet flush, and out bounds Anna hiking up her shorts telling us something like, "Mom-mom, I a big dirl...I doe pee all myshelf...I not need hep, mom!"

4. Toddlers listen to every word you say...seriously...the other day Anna asked me, "Mommy, why you say *Oh Dang!*"

5. Toddlers repeat everything you say! Anna says things like, "Oh Crap" "You not posed do dat" "Mom, dat make me vewy mad!"or "Mom-mom, top buggin me!"

6. Two year olds never have a good excuse that makes sense, for instance, one night, when we were having chicken for dinner, Anna told us, "I not yike chicken, it make me sick!" or "Mom, appsause (applesauce) hurt my mouth"

7. Five more minutes always means at least another hour or so!

8. Toddlers think they are the BOSS and boss the parents around.

9. You wonder if they are ever listening to what you tell them...they wait until you get to three and are about to follow through with a punishment before they actually do what you asked them to do!

10. One night Russ and I were at his parents house and we made everyone dinner. We were trying to get Anna to be obedient and eat her food...or be quiet for the prayer (two common things we are dealing with right now) and Anna kept telling Russ the dreaded word, "No!!" We decided a long time ago that we would not tolerate that word being said. If Anna will not listen and is "sassy" then she gets her mouth washed out with soap. Russ warned Anna that if she said "no" to him one more time, she would get soap in her mouth. She defiantly looked at him with a blaze of fire in her eyes, arms folded, and then clamped her mouth shut and vigorously shook her head "no!" Everyone at the table erupted with laughter, all of us trying to hold it in and doing poorly at it, while grandpa had to leave the table because he was laughing so hard! Very clever of her, eh?

Need I say more about "terrible twos"???



Over the past few months Carter has been jabbering a lot! It is so fun to listen to him as he experiments with different sounds! Carter loves animals, and he gets really excited when he sees one! Since we moved here to Rexburg, he has discovered Sassy, a cat, that belongs to Rob and Jenilyn. He has also met a few dogs in their neighborhood too....which he loves and just wants to grab and squeeze and follow all around!
When we ask Carter, "Carter, where's the doggie?" He perks right up and starts looking all around and says, "Oooh, oooh" that sounds kinda like a "woof, woof". Then he will point to the window, because he knows they are somewhere outside! It is sooo cute! Here he is ooh-ing in his chair! You gotta love this kid!

Anna's new "do"

For the past two years, Anna has twirled her hair around her finger. It has become quite the habit that she does now without even thinking about it! We didn't think it was a problem until I took Anna to get her hair trimmed. My friend Lisa Guardipee was trimming her hair when she noticed considerable breakage on the left side of her head. It then dawned on me that it was from her twirling habit!
So...we decided that we would just try to stop her from doing that worked! It was a successful as trying to get Russ to put the toilet seat down! We would just remind Anna every time we saw her twirling her hair to stop...she would complain...go back to twirling...even scare tactics didn't work with her! She didn't care if all her hair would fall out, she was still going to twirl!
One day when I had to get after her for twirling her hair she told me very matter-of-factly that, "Daddy told me to!" I insisted that he did no such thing and she insisted that he did! Well, finally I decided that the hair had to come off! All her hair on the left side of her head was shorter than all the rest and it looked silly! So, I gave her a bath and started cutting. It turned out quite cute! She is still twirling her hair, but hopefully it won't be the same and tapper off, eh? I know that Russ, to my utter horror, would love to give her a buzz!

Friday, June 27, 2008

This is my refiners fire....pretty lucky, huh?

Ending on a good note....

I was just thinking, you know, I might have a toddler who throws tantrums (who knew?) but there is one great thing we have here....the Rexburg temple!!! I got up this morning and went through a session while Russ stayed home with the kids. It was AWESOME!!!! I haven't been to the temple since Carter was born and I was badly needing the trip!

There is nothing that will put you in better perspective about life, nothing that will uplift and inspire and sustain you than the temple! I just tried to soak up everything while I was there and hope I could bring some of that back home with me, that maybe my husband and kids would notice the difference.

I felt like today I had so much more patience, I tried to be more understanding and loving and fun. I felt this renewed desire to be the kind of mom that my Heavenly Father needs me to be. I knew that when I got home, there is no better calling I have in my life right now that is more important than being a mother and homemaker.

I know that when I wake up in the morning, it is up to me how our day is going to be. If I am in a bad mood, so is everyone else. If I am being negative or uninvolved in what my kids are doing, it affects our home atmosphere and our family, it really does!! Believe me, I've experienced it too many times! We can't expect to find happiness in other places or from other people, we have to find it in ourselves. (and if you have a bad day, don't take it out on your family...I need to take that advice!)

So go to the temple if you can! It was the best choice I ever made today because it made everything else that I did for the rest of the day so much better!


Ok, I am relying on all of you awesome moms to give me some really great and useful tips! We are facing some serious problems with trying to get anna to go to bed at night. A few months ago, it was REALLY bad, and it has gotten a bit better, but there are still some nights where she throws the worst fits ever!

We always stick to the bedtime routine, get pj's on, brush teeth, go potty, read books, hugs and kisses, prayers, drink....nighty-night...right?.....Noooooo! I feel like I have explained to her so many times it makes me sick about how her behavior should be at night time. No matter what we say or do, she will still, at times, get out of bed 3 or 4 times wanting another hug, kiss, drink, go potty again....and when I put my foot down, it becomes a crying fest! There have been so many times she cried so loud she woke Carter up and then I have two screaming kids to deal with! I really dread bedtime! Soooo....I need your help! Please, if you have any suggestions, let me know!!! email me if you want

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here we have Anna also sporting the birthday hat at Nanny and Grandad's home! The kids had a lot of fun playing outside and Tristan got to show off his walker, which allows him to be able to play too! (Tristan suffers from cerebral palsy and other physical difficulties too. He can't walk or sit on his own but Sam and Alisha haven't let that stop him from having as much a normal life than any other child. As much as they wish he could run and play like all the other children, we all recognize that he is an angel in our midst and he teaches us all the time! ) Tristan, someday your body will be whole again, resurrected and perfect, and until then you will touch the lives of all who know you!

Birthday Party fun!

After Jake and Rashmi's wedding, we all got together on a Sunday to celebrate my aunt Jenny's daughter Kallie's birthday! Here we got Alisha's kids, Tristan (3) and Grace (2), with birthday hats! The hats were a big hit!

My baby brother gets Married!

On June 7, 2008, Jake and Rashmi got married!!! All the family was there to celebrate the occasion and it was great to have us all together! Rashmi looked so awesome and Jake was very handsome! It was so cute, after Jake came out, one of the bridesmaids brought Jake and Rashmi's son, Jarek, out...he was the ring bearer, and when they took Jarek to sit down he just excitedly waved at Jake saying, "Hi daddy!" Jarek loves his dad sooo much, he really adores Jake! Jake has always had such a kind heart and he has overcome a lot of obstacles in his life and we are always rooting for him to succeed and achieve his dreams! We wish Jake and Rashmi and their adorable boys, Jarek and Isaak, the very best! We love you guys!

Playing in a "Cave"

Anna has developed quite an imagination over this past year and imagines many things! One day she was playing in between the couch and love seat and informed me that it was her very own cave. She would gather all kinds of toys from her room and bring them into her "cave" to play with. During nap time or after bedtime, I would often find stuffed animals in various baskets and bowls and make-shift beds all covered up with blankets, and they usually had plastic bowls and cups filled with play food. She would be busy for an hour at a time playing!
This particular day, Carter, after watching Anna go in and out of the "cave", decided to try too! Little brothers and sisters always have to do what the older ones are doing! Life just isn't quite fair is they can't! So, Carter crawled inside and Anna was thrilled! She loves it when he plays along with her! The two munchkins had a lot of fun!
Gotta love that boy...always happy and giving me such cute smiles! He just loves to have fun!

Anna gets dressed....all by herself !

One morning Anna came out of her room very excited and proud of what she had accomplished....she got dressed all by herself! I could see it in her face just that desire to be a "big girl" and be independent! She was just soo happy to show me her outfit! Here she is sporting white sandals she wore last summer that are too small, a pair of silk pajama pants with green shorts over them, and a tank top!
Anna got her babies out and a few other animals she was mothering and wanted me to take a picture of them with her! She kept telling her babies, "Say cheese!" There is always something new she pulls on us everyday and it is so much fun to see what she will do or say!

Strawberries are nummy!!

This summer, Carter got his first taste of strawberries! I bought some at the store one day and the next morning Anna wanted some for breakfast. I got her some in a bowl and immediately Carter wanted them! (which is not a surprise, Carter always wants what Anna has!) He would not give up until he got one! No matter what I did to try and distract him from the strawberries, it was all to no avail! So....I gave in, stripped him down, and he chowed down! The kid loved them! It was actually nice because it kept him quite occupied for some time!

Rexburg, here we are at last!

Just to update everyone, we are finally in Rexburg! We weren't expecting to move until August, but an apartment became available, so we jumped on the opportunity and took it! It was kinda crazy and it took everyone by surprise! We packed for two weeks-major stress for me-and moved on Monday June 23rd! We had a lot of help from Russ's dad and I would have to say we owe him big time! Thanks "Bobber" you are the greatest dad EVER! Thanks also to Russ's trusty brothers Rob, Geoff, and Rex, who were a lot of help too! They really worked their tail ends off! It is so great to have family that are willing to do so much for each other! And of course we can't forget the women...Jenilyn for helping us move in and for taking Anna and Carter, Gill and Chels came Monday evening and helped....though I have to apologize I was soooo tired and my brain was not working at all....I was a bit frazzled after Russ and I practically emptied out an entire U-Haul truck all by ourselves!

It is now Thursday and we are mostly moved in....woo hoo...and we like our new apartment! The kitchen is a bit smaller than the last one, but we have two bathrooms and the bedrooms for the kids are so big with big walk-in closets-yes!!!!!!!!!!-so we feel satisfied! I love Rexburg and forgot about the greatest quality this city has-wind! Gotta love the wind...blowing....constantly! I will get some pictures uploaded, so stay tuned! We are sad to leave Pocatello and our family there, we will miss you the best ward ever...we will miss all of you too!! We have made so many friends, but we will take what we have learned from them and hopefully be as good of friends to those here that our friends have been to us! We feel like the wind is blowing at our backs and that we will have a great experience here in Rexburg! We're always up for a new adventure!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bath Time! What Fun!

Anna and Carter love to take baths....they have so much fun together...usually...and I thought it was a great moment to catch on camera of our two rugrats loving each other! Ahh, so cute!

Here's our cute little man and we all think he is soooo stinkin adorable! He is such a little charmer and almost always happy! Wow, so nice to have him come after Anna who is mostly very pensive, pouty, and grumpy! But, I have to let you all know, she is growing out of all that, woo hoo, and can be quite happy and chatter-y and even friendly with others! She now says hello to the kids who play outside when they say hello to her. She used to just glare, sometimes cry and run away, or just make a mean grunt at them! So....we have hope!

Who needs expensive toys?

One afternoon, Anna and Carter discovered on old diaper box I was about to throw away, and they palyed with that box all day! I first pushed Carter around the house, then Anna, then the both of them! Very exhausting!! But seriously folks, do we really need to buy our kids so much "stuff" that costs too much money when they are perfectly happy with a box? So, go find a box and have some fun, eh? We did!

Just so you know, the fun can only last for so long! Carter started to realize that even though boxes are AWESOME, it just isn't as great as his mommy!! *sigh*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

See Carter's first tooth?

Attack of the Virus!!

Last Friday Anna came down with a sudden fever. The fever lasted until Saturday night and then she came down with a sore throat. Sunday afternoon Anna kept telling me her mouth hurt. We looked down her throat and found it red and swollen and covered with puss pockets! Monday, the doctor looked at her and she had nothing serious except a virus! Yes, folks, we're dealing with the worse kind of culprit ever, one that attacks with a vengeance, and has no mercy!
All Anna did for 5 days was lay on her favorite pillow with her blankets, watch too many movies, and she didn't eat a thing and barely drank anything too! Let's not forget all the crying and whining and total misery she was in and those around her! This virus was a mean one !
In this picture she told me her ears were cold and she wanted me to cover them up with her blanket. She would be freezing cold but her body was burning up with fever!
This look explains it all!!!
So, to all of you parents, if your children get a virus, we give you our greatest sympathies, it is miserable! But please remember when your children are sick, keep them away from the healthy ones...spare them and their parents....even if your child is feeling better with that dose of Motrin, fever is gone, they want to play...just stay at home (they're probably still contagious!), grit your teeth and bare the pain, and help your kids get better....we can all do our best to keep from helping these viruses from spreading!

CAT Adventure...

I have noticed a stray cat wandering around our apartment complex over the past few weeks and when we went outside, Anna finally found it! We slowly approached the cat to make sure it wouldn't attack ( you know, nightmares moms have about cats attacking our kids...) and we found that the cat was very friendly, much to Anna's utter delight! Anna LOVES cats and so she decided that she was going to take care of this one! When we first found the cat, it was eating grass, so the smart person that I am thought, "Hmmm, this cat might be hungry." And what is the worst thing a person can do to a stray cat? Feed it! Soooo, we fed the poor thing a piece of a hot dog....yummmy!

After feeding the cat, it officially adopted us as its new owners....yeah! Anna was having a blast and kept telling me how much the kitty liked her and how much she liked the kitty! At this point I decided to take some action and asked Anna if she wanted to help me find the kitty a new home. We lured the cat into our apartment, fed it some more hot dog and milk, while Anna started pulling out her toys and favorite blanket to show the cat! As Anna was trying to get the cat to chase a ball, I called the animal shelter, and someone came and took the cat away. Anna asked me why they put the cat in a cage, and so I had the "talk" with her about these certain instances about stray cats. She told me the cat was going back to her mommy. Children always have so much hope and my sweet little two year old daughter always sees things in a positive light. The cat's life might not have lasted much longer at the animal shelter, but for Anna and me, we know that the cat is very happy in its new home with a mommy that loves it!

Fun in the SUN!!!

A few weeks ago, it was actually somewhat like summer, so we went outside to enjoy the sun. Anna insisted on wearing her bike helmet outside so the wind would not blow her hair in her eyes (which she just can't stand!). At least I know she won't get any head injuries if she falls off the slide or trips and falls! Below is Carter, stuck as always in the swing, just enjoying watching Anna play. He's such a cute little guy! Who do you think he looks like?