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to deal with my

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A gazillion things...

Hello there people...well.....mostly silence (is anyone out there???)....and a little hello to the crickets...

Since I had Kya, my ability to find time to blog has diminished. If you knew Kya, you would understand. I think she was supposed to be twins...after all, I couldn't go a day of pregnancy past the first trimester without people asking if there were "twins in there?" Somehow, I only pushed out one baby, yup....just one. But since she was born I feel like I have been taking care of twins when it comes to her. Just follow me on Facebook. You get all the details there.

Kya can get into mischief right under your nose, two feet behind you, or in 30 seconds she can disappear and then reappear and hours later we come across disaster!!! Broken mirrors that belonged to great grandmothers, ripped books, water overflowing in sinks, pepper plants drying up in the sun, lying next to their pots, sewing needles hiding in the carpet, granola bars crumbled to pieces all over the house, poo on the carpet...on the love seat...oh and on the back of the love seat...heaven help me, POO on the big couch...oh crud... are you flippin kidding me, poo on the couch cushions and just let me die, there's even poo on the ottoman!

Hahahaha. Yeah...we can laugh about it now...

My mother-in-law goes into hysterics when it comes to Kya. We want to rip our hair out and she sits there on the couch LAUGHING at us!

Meet Kya. She is now 2 years and 6 1/2 months old.

We love her. We really do. She is too smart for her own good. She uses really big words, has impeccable grammar, and is our only two year old who decided to go to the park. She went out the backyard gate and headed down the street. No adults knew of her plans. I happened to find her on my way back home from a run. She was already down our street and around the corner!

For this cutie, "No" means grab the brownie anyways, shove it into your mouth and run to the bedroom. "Please give that back" means run away as fast as you can, try and hide, and then throw the car at your brother's head when he finds you. Nap time is for climbing, coloring on oneself, and playing with toys. If there is water, she will soak herself in it. If there are flowers, she will pull every last petal off. Shoes and socks are only for church, older brothers and sisters are for tormenting, even if you are a foot shorter...and baby brothers mouths are excellent places to put things because they are always conveniently open.

Please don't turn us into Nanny 911! Ha ha!

I really do have so much to blog about, and I figured our little Kya deserved to be the one I started out with since she is probably....yeah...most likely the main reason why I hardly ever do it anymore! The second I sit down at the computer, she will cover herself in lotion, or walk through the freshly planted and watered garden and ruin her nice white tights, or maybe, just maybe I might get a blog post in because she is now sleeping!

So for all you crickets out there, I have a new goal to get back to blogging....don't act so excited. Maybe a few people might be happy about that too.