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to deal with my

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From the mouth of babes...aka: Bubba

Carter declared after a morning kiss from momma before he climbed in bed to watch some early morning cartoons,

" Eeww, GROSS....Mommy breath!"

Thanks Bubba...I can always rely on you to boost my self-esteem and point out the obvious!

The kid never ceases to entertain us. He thinks that because Anna wears a full-body swimming suit and that mom wears one too, that naturally, he should wear one as well! Don't worry...we bought him new swim trunks and a swim shirt....and after alot of convincing...he's okay with his "boy dwimmingdoot"...We figured out that he doesn't like to go top-less...though bottom-less is another story!

He does like to, now and then, put on a "pwincess" and then hold hands with mom or Anna and dance. Once again, if mom and Anna wear "princesses" then why can't he? We are trying to keep the "princess" wearing at a minimum...mostly because Anna and Carter fight over the dresses!

Don't worry...the "fun" only lasts a moment. Then he is done.
And back to his trains, trucks, and automobiles...
Throwing balls, watching them crash into things and exclaiming, "Cool!"
Tormenting his sister...
He still thinks I ate my baby in my tummy,
Jumping on and off of people...
Let's not even mention the word "potty-training"
and other such things!

Oh, and don't forget that one MUST jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler...and keep his/her tongue out at all case you get thirsty...or maybe want to bite your own tongue off!

Now I must end with Carter's most recent favorite phrase of expression,
"Howly gosh!"

...and have a good one...we certainly will...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm in LOVE!

With this little man...

He loves his dad...

and I am pretty sure that the majority of the time he loves his sister too!

Awe heck....I am in love with the whole dad-gum bunch!
They're all just so stinkin cute!

We do make a pretty darn dad-gum stinkin cute family too...

A hammock is like a giant pea-pod!

Way too much FUN!
Thanks Chels for sharing your pea-pod with us!
We have been swinging and lounging daily!