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Monday, July 18, 2011

Soaking up some sun...


As I was coming outside, this is what I saw. It's becoming a common occurance. Boys!! What am I to do with mine?? Such stinkers!!! After he was finished, he started shaking his funny! His dad taught him that one!!!

I LOVE the white fluffy clouds in the summer! It was HOT but we had a nice breeze blowing, perfect for playing outside!

 Miss Kya loo wasn't so much a fan of the water, but she loves to swing and explore everything outside. She will squeal and cry if she sees anyone going out without her!! We really should just live in the back yard...she would be the happiest baby...cuz that's the only place she wants to be!!!

Anna can be so goofy sometimes! She has a mind of her own, and just does what she wants! It is impossible to pose her just right for a picture...she just hates having someone tell her what to do! We have to be really tricky and make her think it was her idea, and not ours!

But...I am glad my kids have a little spunk and personality.

My cuties chillin, eating some snacks.

 Love him!!! He makes me laugh everyday. This boy's gonna bring a lot of fun to those around him!

Love her!! Such bright sparkly beautiful eyes! She's gonna be a heartbreaker someday...

And I LOVE this little one too!! I could just gobble her cuteness up!! Love being a mom, and my children will truly be my greatest reason for living. Because of them, I am always trying to better myself, being pushed farther than I thought I could go, accomplishing more than I thought was in me. And I can't forget my hubby...I wouldn't have the 3 most adorable rascals if it wasn't for him. He's the best, and I wouldn't be such a happy mom without him.

We had lots of fun and will be doing it again soon! We will all be sad when summer is over. It just doesn't last long enough.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, I got bangs! I even cut them myself. It was a fun adventure, and I am enjoying the new look.

Anyhoo...go play in the sun too!