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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A bit of our Summer...

 In June, Anna and Carter had their first swimming lessons at the Community Rec. Center here in Pocatello. The kids LOVED it and I had a blast watching them learn. We plan on doing it again next summer for sure. I learned how to swim at a very young age and have great memories swimming with my siblings and cousins every summer at the city pool in Twin Falls, so I definitely want my kids to have the same experiences and memories growing up too. Plus, knowing how to swim well is such an important skill to have that could someday save their life or anothe'rs life.

And I just have to add that I LOVE the smell of chlorine....
Such a lovely smell! Hmmmm....

A long time ago, my cousin and I choreographed an underwater syncronized swimming routine that we performed in her hot tub! Yeah....gotta love swimming!

This is what happens when a certain 20 month old locks herself in the bedroom (and it has happened multiple times). Let's just say she likes trying on clothes and leave it at that.

Question for ya: Have you ever tried picking up a half dresser full of clothes off the floor with a watermelon in your belly?

I have been trying to get Kya to smile for the camera. She says, "Cheese!" everytime I pull out the camera but her face ALWAYS looks like that! Haha! It is so funny! Hopefully her smile-face improves before we have our next family pictures done after the baby boy is born!

Another "smile" attempt....

And yet another's not looking too promising...

Speaking of that "watermelon" in my belly, there's the proof! In this picture, I am almost 36 weeks and feeling quite miserable. I have gained 31 pounds, which feels more like 50 when I have to go up and down the stairs in the house all throughout the day! I am retaining a bit of water, but it isn't too bad and I can still wear my wedding ring! I aviod going outside as much as possible now that it is so hot and have been trying to go walking later in the evening to help get this baby ready to be born in the next few weeks. I have felt sudden urges here and there to get things done and in order, and one night I was up until almost midnight cleaning the bathroom downstairs! haha! Russ came out of the bedroom asking me what in the world I was doing! He is used to my obsessive compulsive erratic behaviors by now, so he just looked at me like I was only half crazy and then let me finish!!!

The baby room is ready, I have had all the baby boy clothes washed, folded and organzied by size and neatly put away in the closet for a couple months now, plus we have all the bibs, burp cloths, and diapers, wipes, lotions, soap, and creams all ready too.A day ago I bought all the items I would need for my hospital bag and plan on getting that ready soon, so the only other things we need to do is get the cradle ready and get the carseat out of the garage!

I am stressing just a bit about all the other "things" I need to get done by the end of July. Anna and Carter have their birthday this month, but we are expecting the baby to come 2 weeks early, since all of them have come 2 weeks early, and that would mean the baby will be born right in the midst of their birthdays! (Carter's is the 24th and Anna's is the 29th) So, we are doing their birthday parties early, just to be on the safe side! I also have some projects I need/want to get finished before the baby comes so we will see how that goes! By the time I get the kids in bed, I am totally exhausted and all I want to do is shower and then climb in bed and not move again until morning!

That's just a bit about our summer. Maybe my next post will be pictures of a cutie bug baby we have been waiting to meet for awhile now!