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Sunday, August 30, 2009


A few weeks ago, we drove down to Twin Falls for a visit. One of the first places I wanted to go was Nat-Soo-Pa, one of my favorite places to go swimming growing up. It is about 20 minutes outside of Twin Falls and the area is over natural hot springs. It was only $5 for an adult and $3 for a child, and you could rent mats, inner tubes and such for just a dollar. I went with my sisters Alisha and her kids, Haylee, and Emma, and then my kids, Ben, and my brother Caleb too. We had so much fun and stayed there all day!

Carter kept me quite busy, climbing up the side of the pool and then jumping in with little or no warning at all! He would often push my hands away because he didn't want me to catch him, not understanding that if I did not catch him it would bring imminent death!!! I started letting his head go under the water when I would catch him, and he didn't mind too much!!! He loves the water and I have a feeling he is going to keep us all running after him as he boldly jumps into life and all it has in store!!

(I will post all the pictures of our trip this week, so stay tuned!)

Just a "FEW" pictures and a few comments as well...

Chelsea Jane...what would we do without her??? She is our little bright spot of sunshine that you go searching for in the park with that perfect spot with soft spongy grass where you lay out your blanket and glimpse a moment of happiness...yes, we LOVE her!!! She is Adorable, Funny, Beautiful, Compassionate, and has a passion for life and all things good in this life...including a cute little button-faced boy named WESLY WARD....they are ADORABLE together...and we cannot wait for October 24th to come soon enough...when they will be married FOREVER!!! Chelsea is as much my little sister as my own true sisters are, we had some great fun living together while Russ was on his mission, and even fought a bit like true sisters do too, haha! She is Russ's baby sister, and always will be, and they hold a special bond (probably cuz Russ changed so many of her diapers as a baby, eh?) and so this wedding has a special meaning for us. She tends to remind us of the true meaning of life, to be loving and LOVED, to give and give, buy high heel shoes...even bright RED ones...and wear them proudly, to remember that the most important words you can say are ones we hear her say EVERYDAY, "Love you guys!", to SMILE and laugh and LAUGH some more, to forget about fights and "bad" moments and find, instead, the BEST in a situation or in any person, that you can never go without a CUTE and TRENDY purse, and that family really can be the BEST part of your day.

CONGRATULATIONS girl....even though you already know that I jumped up and down in a VERY unlady-like manner and full of BUBBLY excitement to hear of your engagement!!! We LOVE you!!! And WES too!!!

OKAY now...about the rest of these pictures...A little bit from Anna and Carter's birthday party...

PINATA!!! That would NOT break...even when it became a "ball" and grand-slammed with a bat...(by the time it DID crack...most of the hard candy inside was "dust"...but the kids enjoyed it nonetheless!)

Geoff gave it his all...poor little pinata...

And the kids tried as well....

It was so CUTE though....I obviously got a little carried away with putting on too many time will be better.

We all roasted hot dogs and had smores...

Anna had a BLAST reuniting with her cousins from West Virginia, and she and Halle were inseparable that day!!! We miss you Halle!!! Come back soon!

The little "babies" of the clan(Emily, Carter, and Jett)....not so baby-ish anymore...all grown up now and talking, drinking and eating on their own (woo hoo!), making great messes, but still screaming and crying, and pooping and peeing a lot too...potty-training 101 here we come little ones!!!

This was my "creative" spin on the beloved game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". All the kids got a little bumble bee...and what FUN that was to give the cute little bear (inspired by Charmin Toilet Paper) a poke!!!

It is hard to tell what is going on here, but all the kids got to go "fishing" for a surprise. The boys got little parachute men and the girls got a ring and bracelet.

Face Painting: Carter got a big tear drop because right before he was throwing a major tantrum. What better picture to put upon his cute little cheek than something it knows quite well....tears?? He turned TWO and ask me if it has been TERRIBLE??? YES YES YES!

The rest of the girls ALL chose kites.
We also had a cupcake walk and a game of bean bag tossin where they had to throw the bean bags into a clowns mouth and two balloons. It was about the BEST birthday party EVER and we all had so much fun celebrating our two favorite kids' birth: Anna Belle: July 29 and Carter John: July 24!!!

Sunday, Anna's actual birthday, we celebrated at home, where she requested a "titten take" which I had fun making, and then she got to open a few more presents we saved. I had to attempt to make a "cool" or "creative" cake this year just because there are so many of you that are AMAZING at the whole cake-thing for your kids' parties. If you would like to know how to make this one, let me know and I will give you the website. Anyhoo, I have a half-dozen posts still to post, so keep coming back for more...if I can just slow down enough to get a few more in over the next few weeks!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still strolling... or is it "scrolling"? down memory road...

Let's not forget that Carter John turned two years old last month too!!! He has grown too fast, I barely remember him being so small and tiny! He is the funniest kid from his "foghorn" voice to his dimpled little mischievous grin! He throws amazing tantrums...they get better and better every month, he is really talking...finally...and he's great at throwing things, especially things not to be thrown, fruit snacks are his most predominant staple, still sucking that thumb of his, and definitely NOT potty trained yet!! This kid is a "twist" of both my and Russ's family and he is so ornery and yet so lovable all the same! If I could have another boy, I would want him to be just the same as our bubba...minus the tantrums...cuz this kid is the best thing that happened to us and to his big sister too! We love you kid!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A stroll down memory lane...

This little one is now FOUR years old! What a journey it has been so far! Why don't you scroll down and see for yourself...

Our lives have been forever touched by Anna Belle Meredith! She has opened our eyes to a new world and we are ever learning from her! She is beautiful beyond words, sweet and sassy, smart, creative and my best little friend. Happy birthday...we love you Stinky Face!